Jacob Karpio Opens its Gallery in 1982 in the city of Quito with the name ATMA. Then, He would pass to Panama City in 1985, and followed this, decided to settle in San Jose, Costa Rica as Jacob Karpio Gallery.

“Karpio understood the Center- Periphery relationship, and as he was one of the pioneers in showing Latin American Art on the hegemonic centers of the world and with a keen eye, he outlines artists that became luminaries on the global scene of contemporary art. Names like: KUITCA, MARCACCIO, ALLORA Y CALZADILLA, PRISCILLA MONGE, GARAICOA, FEDERICO HERRERO SIQUIER, SALLY SMART, LYDIA DONA, VALDÉS, DARÍO ESCOBAR, VIK MUNIZ and many more, they passed through the walls and floors of JKG, some of them for the first time”.

JENS HOFFMANN, “The International Galleries from Post War to Post Millenium.”

Jacob Karpio has participated since 1989 in fairs around the world like ArtBasel, The Armory Show, ARCO Madrid, FIAC Paris, Art Hong Kong, Art Brussels, Scope Miami & Basel, Arte BA, ArtBo & a many more.

Calle 72A # 22 – 80 Barrio San Felipe
Bogotá, Colombia

(57) 321 579 7717